2014 Virginia's Blue One BLISS Adult Spa Platinum One
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Virginia's Blue One BLISS Adult Spa Platinum One
29Sep MonEarly Vicky Elly Vivienne
MonDay Ariel X Billie Deseray Jessie X Taylor Trinity Jaden Stacy Ashley Rosie
MonNight Lola Athena Ariel XX XX XX Katie Jenna X Rachel Faye X Rosie Rene
30Sep TueEarly Scarlet Athena Chi
TueDay Jessie Candy Taylor Sunny Brooke Stacy X Candice Tracy Chantel Scarlet Deseray X Faith
TueNight Trish Elly Allana Peaches Jordyn Lili Faye Katie Crystal X X Jenna Christina Vivienne
1Oct WedEarly Chi Jordyn Christina
WedDay Taylor Deseray Stacy Trinity Candice Rosie X Faith Sunny Tracy Jaden Billie X Jessie
WedNight Deseray Brooke Allana Trish Laura Mya X Elly Katie XX X Lili Jordyn Jaden
2Oct ThuEarly Jordyn Lili Chi
ThuDay Jenna Tracy Candice Faith Billie Kelsey Jessie X Candy Stacy Chi Rosie Angi Chantel
ThuNight Katie Crystal Jaden Lola Ariel Christina Jordyn Allana Mya Peaches Vicky Rene Rachel Courtney Brooke Angi
3Oct FriEarly Brooke Courtney Trish
FriDay Kelsey Trinity Winter Tracy Lili Roxanne Billie Rosie Jenna X Jaden Stacy Deseray Candice
FriNight Mya Laura Courtney Roxanne Lili Vicky Christina Lola X XX Vanessa Katie XX X Faith Ariel
4Oct SatEarly XX Christina Vanessa XX Mya Katie
SatDay Lili Nena Peaches Rene Allana Ashley X Kelsey Taylor Jade Trinity Faye Roxanne Chantel
SatNight Nena Vicky Peaches Rachel Rene Courtney Jordyn Crystal Vivienne Sunny Vanessa Candy Roxanne Chantel
5Oct SunEarly Jordyn Vivienne Crystal Chi Vanessa Candy
SunDay Ashley Allana Jaden Brooke Faye Jessie X Jade Stacy Nena X Chi Rosie Lola
SunNight Allana Jordyn Faith Christina Tracy Faye Mya Nena X Trish X Vivienne Crystal Vicky

Schedules for Attendants at all 4 Locations.

Our Data Based Driven Schedule makes it easy to view attendants on each shift.

Just click the name of attendant or location to view Info directly from the schedule page.

Schedule changes are made daily, calling and making an appointment ensures your time.

Appointments are only booked on shift while the attendant is present.

Attendant is to accept walk in clientele if you are more then 15 minutes late with no notice.